Flood Modeling

Develop flood models including mapping in coordination with locals within Shabelle River Basin in Somalia

Let us give back to our home and preserve the life and beauty it has gifted us with.

What’s Our Mission?

  1. Provide guidance and support in the field of water resources to the Shabelle River riparian communities
  2. Assist local governments with establishing the best water resources management practices.
  3. Perform Technical Analysis in the field of Hydrology and Hydraulics to map and mitigate Flood Risk.
  4. Develop a water transboundary agreement and understanding between impacted communities by the Shabelle River Basin.

Our Vision

Provide holistic and sustainable solutions to the Shabelle River Basin. Assist locals with facing challenging water transboundary issues and climate change impacts.

Our Journey

Shabelle River basin inside Somalia consists of an area of 307,000 sq. km with a total length of 11,00 km- despite the Shabelle river being Somalia breadbasket, it faces several challenges stemming from flooding to extreme water shortages due to a combination of upstream damming, climate change, and lack water resources management. This has resulted in the birth of the Shabelle River Initiative ( SRI) founded by:

Hussein Amiin

Hussein Amiin is a professional water resources engineer both in the public and private sector with over 15 years of experience in Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling, and

Guled Ahmed

Guled Ahmed (Wiliq) has over 18 years of professional engineering in water infrastructure development, and water transboundary issues in Asia and Africa.


Who We Are

Shabelle River Initiative SRI is a nonprofit organization based in the USA, and Somalia that strives to bring awareness of climate change and water issues in Shabelle River. Our organization works with various Shabelle River riparians in implementing programs and activities that contribute to water resources management, smart international water transboundary, capacity building, research, and technical consultation for local farmers, governments, and organizations who are stakeholders of the Shabelle River Basin.

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